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Ivory Coast
“Young talents” Programme

‘Young talents’ is a programme that was launched in December 2011, with the aim of offering young graduates the chance to improve their skills through made-to-measure training. Vivo Energy Côte d’Ivoire provides training and development delivered by professionals of international repute. The target is young graduates with baccalaureate level +4/5, from excellent local or international schools.

The programme assesses the potential of each successful candidate by monitoring him or her in real work situations. Candidates are provided with training from experienced energy sector professionals. The programme also helps to develop and maintain a ‘training/job’ compatibility system, and this contributes to the competitiveness of young Ivoirians in the job market.

Each trainee is allocated a tutor, is set a series of objectives to achieve and is monitored through regular formal and informal assessments. Each training programme is a bespoke product designed around the needs and requirements of the individual.

The young talents programme is a distinguishing feature that is helping Vivo Energy Côte d’Ivoire to earn a reputation as one of the most respected energy companies. The programme helps trainees to acquire the skills and motivation they will need to pursue truly rewarding careers and optimises their chances of professional success. This is complementary to the Vivo Energy Côte d’Ivoire’s graduate programme, which not only attracts and recruits the best young people, but also trains and prepares them to become future business leaders.

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