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Vivo Energy Morocco at a glance

Solutions for motorists

Vivo Energy Morocco’s modern, professional service stations are a key part of a programme of quality control that extends across the fuel supply chain, from the terminals to the motorist’s fuel tank. 

Solutions for business

Vivo Energy Morocco offers commercial customers a flexible and adaptive service specific to their needs. Our ability to meet these needs through a co-ordinated offer of fuel and lubricants, service delivery and storage facilities has won the lasting loyalty of industrial, agricultural, marine, aviation and government clients who, in some instances, have been with the company for over 50 years.

Beyond this, the commercial team provides regular product testing, technical value projects, dedicated account managers, project advice and training.

Key facts

  • Permanent employees: 697
  • Service stations: 333
  • Fuels storage capacity: 198,176 m³**
  • LPG storage capacity: 31,000 tonnes** 
  • Lubricants blending capacity: 35,000 tonnes**
* Includes Vivo Energy and Shell and Vivo Energy employees.
** Fuels storage, LPG storage and lubricants blending capacity based on % ownership.