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Vivo Energy Morocco HSSE 
Vivo Energy’s vision is to become Africa’s most respected business. Our commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest international Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) standards is at the heart of our business and is a key differentiator for Vivo Energy Morocco. Being the best in HSSE is not an objective that sits apart from our overall ambitions. It is an integral and essential part of our business plan. 

Our focus is on five critical areas:

  • Goal Zero – no harm to people or the environment is our number one priority
  • Transport safety – we invest significantly in training, technology and the adoption of best practice to continually improve in this area.
  • Process safety – wherever we operate – service stations, terminals, LPG filling plants, tanks, shipping, aviation, customer sites – we place the highest emphasis on process safety.
  • Contractor safe management – we require contractors and partners to manage their HSSE policies and practices in line with ours. 
  • Environmental impact – we actively monitor our environmental impact, act decisively to minimise the impact of any incidents and are transparent in our public reporting.
As part of this commitment, Vivo Energy Morocco strives to reduce the amount of natural resources used in the provision of its products and services. It also aims to be a leader in the promotion of best practice in the industry and promotes a culture of responsibility among staff to deliver its HSSE commitment. Vivo Energy Morocoo protects its staff, information and reputation against security risks and protects the health of its employees and all others who may be affected by its operations. It participates actively in the social development of the local community and integrates the principles of sustainable development into the work process.