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Vivo Energy Maroc, the standard for global quality

Our commitment to apply and maintain the highest standards of quality for our products and services is at the heart of our business and one of the main reasons why we stand out from the competition. Our customers recognise and appreciate the standards we set, and we strive to ensure their maximum satisfaction on a daily basis. The ISO 9001 V 2015 certification granted to our fuels acknowledges of our commitment.

Vivo Energy Maroc has always implemented the means and tools necessary to provide a high-quality service, while complying with Shell's strictest international standards and with current Moroccan regulations. Our main objective is to use our technological expertise, combined with our logistics and sales task force, to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Our ISO 9001 V 2015 certification confirms our commitment to place the customer at the heart of our organisation and sets an example.

Our fuels are submitted to strict tests

Tests are carried out at each stage of the procurement and distribution process to guarantee that our customers receive products meeting Shell group's international standards. Each monitoring stage acts as an additional filter, in order to guarantee optimum quality.

Mandatory certification analysis

Analysis is carried out:

  • Before the product and any additives are bought;
  • Before and during the pumping process;
  • After the product is placed in storage vessels and before it is released for consumption.

Random inspections

Those tests are carried at all stages of the distribution chain. They can occur:

  • On lorries after loading;
  • After unloading at customers’ premises;
  • Directly at the pumps in service stations and our customers' tanks;
  • Quality controls may even be carried out at the customer's request.

Random checks are also done by Shell Group which carries out an independent analysis led by laboratories overseas to test that fuels comply with Moroccan specifications as well as those of Shell group. 

An enhanced quality control plan

To address our customers' needs with Shell fuels of the highest international standards, tests and filters are interspersed throughout the logistical and production process, from procurement to the end customer.

At the heart of our quality measures are:

  • On-site laboratories
  • Mobile laboratories
  • Quality Control Managers

These three tools work in conjunction with each other. For instance, if the central laboratory carries out tests to detect water in fuel, the Quality Control Manager will do the same at the service station.

Carrying out several identical tests at the start, middle and end of the procurement and distribution process guarantees the product stability, a consistent quality from the warehouse to the end-user, as well as the maximum involvement of all of Vivo Energy Maroc's partners: from hauliers to service stations, and more.

1996 ISO 9001:1994 certification for the manufacturing, packaging, storage and delivery of Shell lubricants
2012 ISO 9001:2008 certification for the management systems put in place by the fuel analysis laboratory
2015  ISO 9001:2008 certification for the quality management system for fuel procurement processes to the end customer/service station
2015 ISO 9001:2008 certification for the management systems put in place by SHELL and VIVO LUBRIFIANTS DU MAROC
2016 OHSAS 18001 certification
2017 Transition to the New ISO Version 9001 V 2015 of Quality Management System – related to all Fuels processes, from Supply to Final Customer at Retail sites.