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Vivo Energy Tunisia - LPG - Butagaz


Vivo Energy Tunisia’s LPG is stored, distributed and delivered under the widely recognised and trusted Butagaz brand. The Butagaz brand has been present in Tunisia for almost 60 years. We address the needs of our business-to-business customers by supplying LPG in bulk.

Through an efficient and professional network, we offer our customers secure, safe and reliable products and services. We support their business’s profitability through consistently competitive energy solutions. Butagaz services include a dedicated Customer Service Centre offering commercial and technical support. Our teams in the field advise the customers on products and installations and provide training on specific themes (safety, technical, range of products, etc.).

Vivo Energy Tunisia ensures the maintenance and safety of LPG equipment installed at our customer sites and provides technical product support and product handling training.

We offer customers an efficient and professional network ensuring secure, safe, reliable products and services and consistently competitive energy solutions.

Safety is our top priority. Our filling plants comply with all Tunisian regulatory requirements and adhere strictly to the quality and safety standards of both Vivo Energy and the Shell Group. With the Butagaz brand, we provide trust and assurance to our customers through rigorous standards relating to weight control and cylinder sealing. Our expertise and professionalism in all aspects of LPG storage and delivery is widely recognised and respected.

Vivo Energy Tunisia serves customers in the following business sectors:

  • Construction 
  • Power
  • Road transport

Our services include a Customer Service Centre offering dedicated account managers, training, technical support, and advice on products and installations.