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Vivo Energy Card Services
Vivo Energy offers convenient, industry-leading payment solutions for all of our customers. 

Shell Card

Vivo Energy Tunisia is proud to offer the Shell-branded card, which is aimed at commercial transporters and fleet operating companies. Shell Card is the most efficient, convenient and secure way for you to manage your fleet of vehicles and drivers. It removes the need for drivers to handle cash when they purchase fuel or other services on our service stations.
Shell Card enables you to: increase the control you have over your fuel expenses, monitor fuel consumption, reduce the risk of fraud and save time, while reaping the benefits of full service at a conveniently-located Shell service station. It provides wide ranging security and control options, which can be adapted to your specific needs. The state of the art technology used to develop Shell Card enables each individual card to be customised, allowing you to pre-programme variables such as product type and amount, geographical zones and time or day restrictions. Furthermore, Shell Card service enables you to reduce the amount of time you spend on administration by providing detailed management information online.
However large or small your fleet might be, join millions of customers worldwide who already take advantage of more than 50 years of Shell expertise in fleet cards.

Application forms can be obtained by calling our Customer Service Centre or at the Vivo Energy Head Office:
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