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Burkina Faso
Vivo Energy Card Services

Private motorist payment

Vivo Energy continues to lead the way in the cards and payments arena for private motorists; enabling the widespread use of credit and debit cards issued by local banks as a method of payment on the forecourt and in our shops. 

This ensures refuelling is easier and our forecourts are safer. For our customers, there is the added convenience, safety and peace of mind that goes with paying by card.

Vivo Energy has the largest number of stations in Africa accepting bank issued credit and debit cards.

Rechargeable card

Vivo Energy Burkina Faso also offers a prepaid rechargeable card which can be used to buy any goods and services in our service stations.

With this card, customers no longer need to carry around cash every time they fill up, nor worry about the dangers of doing so. 

The card can be purchased and also recharged for different values at selected service stations. Subject to a minimum value being recharged, customers stand the chance to be rewarded with instant gifts or even participate in lucky draws.