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We offer customers the best of Shell’s industry-leading lubricants – products targeted specifically at customers who have strong relationships with their cars. The Shell Helix range offers many diverse benefits, including improved engine performance, extra responsiveness and reduced engine noise.

Working hand-in-hand with the Scuderia Ferrari in Formula One has allowed Shell to develop the highest performance and most reliable Shell lubricants – products which power and protect motorists all over the world, and will continue doing so well into the future.

Designed from natural gas

The Shell PurePlus Technology is a revolutionary process that allows us to convert natural gas into high quality, first of its kind, synthetic base oil. The Shell PurePlus Technology allows us to create crystal-clear base oil using gas as a starting point. The Shell PurePlus base oil has been designed from the molecules up- to meet and exceed the demands of modern engines and those of the future.


No other motor oil cleans your engine better*

Shell Helix Ultra is our most advanced motor oil ever. Combined with the Active Cleansing Technology, the Shell PurePlus Technology delivers higher** levels of engine cleanliness and protection. Benefits on the road include less top up, up to 3% of fuel economy, easier start up and superior protection. Shell Helix PurePlus allows a reduced oil consumption, reduced friction, exceptional low temperatures performance and superior piston cleanliness.


*Based on Sequence VG sludge test results using 0W-40.

**When compared with previous versions of Shell Helix Ultra.