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The scientists at Shell are passionate experts, continuously working to create some of the most advanced fuels in the world. Our wide-ranging portfolio of Shell’s differentiated fuels offers numerous benefits, including dramatically improved engine performance and reduced fuel consumption.

Shell Diesel Extra 

Shell Diesel Extra is our fuel economy product – a diesel fuel with a unique formulation designed to give heavy duty vehicles extra kilometres at no extra cost*, Shell Diesel Extra uses Shell’s advanced technology designed to improve engine efficiency by preventing the build- up of deposits in injector nozzles.

Shell Diesel Extra is formulated with corrosion inhibitors that create a protective layer over vital engine parts (such as the fuel filter and pump) and prevent rusting, thus help to protect your vehicles’ fuel systems from corrosion.

Shell Diesel Extra helps reduce foam while refuelling hence with less foam each fill can be faster and cleaner, with less risk of spillage.

* Comparison between a standard diesel and that of the same standard diesel containing our fuel economy formula.  Savings may vary according to vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.

Shell Unleaded

Shell Unleaded is an international quality fuel that goes through rigorous quality assurance process to deliver the customer promise: the right quality and quantity in the vehicle tank.  Unleaded from Shell has been formulated to help maintain your engine’s condition.