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Vivo Energy Ghana - Retail Lubricants 

Vivo Energy Ghana offers the best-in-class Shell lubricants to both diesel- and petrol-powered vehicles. Our frontline staff have a high level of product knowledge to serve you better. Our lube service bays provide an additional high-end service to motorists, and benefit from the advanced research and technology developed by Shell.

Whether you have a top-of-the-range brand new vehicle or machine, or a trusted vehicle which has served you faithfully over the years, you can count on Shell Rimula and Shell Helix to provide the right kind of lubrication to keep your engine running longer. Vivo Energy Ghana commands a strong presence in the market and remains the customer’s preferred choice for all lubricant needs.

Shell Helix

Shell Helix Ultra motor oils’ active cleansing technology is specially formulated to clean as it protects. Every pack contains special cleansing agents which stop dirt build-up where you can’t see it, but where it really matters. Shell Helix also helps to provide improved fuel efficiency and easier cold-starting. As it reduces oil-consumption, it reduces the number of top-ups your engine would require. Shell Helix also makes for a smoother, quieter drive. 

An engine kept clean with Shell Helix Ultra will therefore provide maximum performance, protection, and efficiency.