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Ivory Coast
Vivo Energy Côte d’Ivoire - Community Investment

Vivo Energy Côte d’Ivoire wants to make a real and lasting difference to the communities in which we operate. Our community investment programmes matter to us because we employ local people and serve local businesses and individuals. We want to create lasting social and economic benefits for these communities and engage with them to earn their respect and trust.

We have chosen to focus on three key areas of community investment. These are road safety, education and the environment.

Road safety

Vivo Energy is at the forefront of a variety of initiatives in the field of road safety in Ivory Coast. We are widely recognised as leaders in the Ivorian energy sector when it comes to setting and maintaining road safety standards, not only within our own operations, but also within society at large.

Many of our programmes are designed to create a cultural shift in how road safety is perceived, and encourage the adoption of safe behaviours by all road users – pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. At Vivo Energy, we believe that, together, our programmes and initiatives can improve the quality of life of many people whose daily lives we touch.

We regularly share our set of ‘best practices’ to strengthen our corporate culture and contribute to the reduction of road accidents within the country. To this end, we carry out activities in partnership with specialised national and international road safety institutions. Safety awareness days are a regular feature and drivers receive defensive driving training. All of these activities contribute to a reduction in the risk of accidents in Ivory Coast.


Vivo Energy continues to lead the way with several programmes around childhood development and education across Ivory Coast. Our aim is to improve the lives of Ivorian youth and foster a culture of academic achievement and learning. This is the case with the Vivo Energy Institute, which supports the country’s youth and equips them with essential skills.

The main objective is to keep them healthy and aware if issues that may impact them, such as HIV and Aids. Beyond this, at the Vivo Energy Institute, young people can enjoy basketball, table tennis and football. The Institute also offers a library and a computer room.

Vivo Energy Côte d’Ivoire is also proud of our partnership with the NGO AIMAS (Ivorian Social Marketing Agency), through which we give young people the tools to flourish and build successful, productive lives for themselves.

Vivo Energy Côte d’Ivoire has also been involved in the construction of a school in the region of Zagne, together with Compagny Heveicole du Cavally.

Vivo Energy Côte d’Ivoire strives to see the world through the eyes of our stakeholders, allowing us to keep in mind that our activities affect (and are affected by) communities and the environment.

We make every effort to continually improve the environmental performance of our operations (using less energy, water and other resources). We are actively involved in a major environmental project across Ivory Coast, which aims to bring about behaviour change and help ensure communities, and school children in particular, start thinking about and caring for the environment. The project is led by Terre des Jeunes, a non-governmental organisation.

Through this project, thousands of school children have been made aware of the importance of preserving the environment. Hectares of trees have been replanted, significantly contributing to the provision of a clean, safe and attractive environment for future generations.