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Ivory Coast
Vivo Energy Card Services

Shell Card

Vivo Energy Côte d’Ivoire is proud to offer the Shell-branded Card, which is aimed at commercial transporters and fleet operating companies. The Shell Card programme is the most efficient, convenient and secure way for businesses to manage their fuel consumption. The programme removes the need for drivers to handle company funds when they purchase fuel. The Shell Card enables you to increase the control you have over your business’s fuel expenses, monitor fuel consumption and save time, while reaping the benefits of full service at a conveniently-located Shell service station.

Most of Vivo Energy Côte d’Ivoire Shell-branded service stations are equipped with electronic payment terminals. The Shell Card provides wide ranging security and control options, which can be adapted to your specific needs. The Shell Card technology means that each individual card can be customised, allowing you to pre-programme variables such as product type and amount, geographical zones and time or day restrictions. Furthermore, the card enables you to reduce the amount of time you spend on administration by providing detailed management information online.

However large or small your fleet might be, join millions of customers worldwide who already take advantage of more than 50 years of Shell expertise in fleet cards.

The Shell Card can be purchased through the Vivo Energy Côte d’Ivoire Customer Service Centre (CSC).

15 B.P. 378, Abidjan 15
Republique de Côte d’Ivoire
Direct Landline: +225 21 75 27 75 (Customer Service Centre)

Once the Shell Card is purchased, you have the option to charge your cards, either at the customer service centre or at any Shell service station, at your convenience.

Private motorist payment

Vivo Energy continues to lead the way in the cards and payments arena for private motorists; enabling the widespread use of credit and debit cards issued by local banks as a method of payment on the forecourt and in our shops. 

This ensures refuelling is easier and our forecourts are safer. For our customers, there is the added convenience, safety and peace of mind that goes with paying by card.

Vivo Energy has the largest number of sites in Africa accepting bank issued credit and debit cards.