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Vivo Energy Madagascar - Community Investment
Vivo Energy Madagascar wants to make a real and lasting difference to the communities in which we operate. Our community investment programmes matter to us because we employ local people and serve local businesses and individuals. We want to create lasting social and economic benefits for these communities and engage with them to earn their respect and trust.

We have chosen to focus on three key areas of community investment. These are road safety, education and the environment.

In general, Vivo Energy Madagascar actively looks for opportunities to make a real and positive difference in ways that are both directly and indirectly related to our core activities. We are committed to good corporate governance and to expert risk management (physical and financial). Vivo Energy Madagascar continues to work with the government, municipalities, non-governmental organisations and community groups in support of a wide range of initiatives designed to improve community well-being and contribute to sustainable development.

Road safety education

Vivo Energy Madagascar promotes road safety awareness through education. Over the last few years, the company has participated in a road safety campaign and distributed Stop Signs to schools located along a national road.


Every year, Vivo Energy Madagascar employees participate in a reforestation programme focusing on land donated by the government for this purpose. Working together with local communities, the aim is to help to reduce the threat to endangered flora and fauna from desertification, soil erosion and habitat corrosion caused by overgrazing and deforestation. Over the past few years, we have partnered with the National Ministry of Hydrocarbon in this regard.