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Vivo Energy Madagascar - Shell Retail lubricants

Vivo Energy Madagascar offers a comprehensive range of Shell lubricants and greases to private motorists across the country. The following Shell lubricants are available through our network:

  • Shell Helix
  • Shell Rimula

Shell Helix

Shell Helix Ultra motor oils’ active cleansing technology is specially formulated to clean as it protects. Every pack contains special cleansing agents which stop dirt build-up where you can’t see it, but where it really matters. Shell Helix also helps to provide improved fuel efficiency and easier cold-starting. As it reduces oil-consumption, it reduces the number of top-ups your engine would require. Shell Helix also makes for a smoother, quieter drive. 
An engine kept clean with Shell Helix Ultra will therefore provide maximum performance, protection, and efficiency.

Shell Rimula

Shell Rimula delivers fuel savings, protects for longer equipment life and reduces operating costs. Acids are formed when diesel fuel is burned and it can escape into your oil and corrode parts of your engine. Shell Rimula oils contain powerful neutralising agents designed to protect the engine from attack. Shell Rimula also contains molecules that prevent the build-up of deposits and keep metal surfaces separate, which can cause ‘hot spots’ and wear.

Quality control and testing

Shell products undergo rigorous quality control before being delivered to our stations.

At the service stations, daily product checks are performed by the quality marshals, in addition to the eight-point customer service checks carried out by the trained pump attendants (tyre pressure verification, oil and water checks, etc.).