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Vivo Energy Card Services

Vivo Energy Mauritius is proud to offer a range of convenient payment solutions, including:

  • Shell Card
  • Visa Card
  • Fleetman Card

Shell Card

Managing and optimising your fuel costs is essential to ensure the economic good health of your company. Vivo Energy Mauritius’s innovative Shell Card addresses this need.

The Shell Card has been developed using state-of-the-art smart card technology. It provides you with a simple and fast payment method for your purchases across our network of Shell service stations, giving you the maximum level of safety and control. Multiple options are available, which you can apply across your fleet or restrict to certain vehicles.

The Shell Card can be tailored to your specific needs and thus offers flexibility in the choice of the control parameters, the geographical areas and schedules of use and the combinations of Shell products and services. Through the detailed monthly statements, you will be able to make fast and precise follow-up appraisals of the consumption of your vehicles. In this way, the Shell Card frees up precious time that you can devote to your core business activities.

Visa Card

Since October 2012, customers have been able to pay for their fuel purchases using the VISA card at no additional cost. Currently, there are approximately 30 Vivo Energy Mauritius sites that provide this service. The Visa payment option has been welcomed by our loyal customers as they no longer have to carry cash or visit an ATM whenever they fill up.

Fleetman Card

All service stations across our network provide this service.