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Vivo Energy Morocco - LPG - Butagaz


Vivo Energy Morocco is a leading marketer of LPG in the country, with Butagaz our customer-facing brand.

We operate in two LPG market sectors:

  • Packed: for domestic and small commercial and industrial segments, Vivo Energy LPG distributes butane under the Butagaz brand in 3kg, 12kg cylinders and propane in 34kg cylinders via a network of around 50 distributors, each with a specific geographic area. The cylinder pool consists of approximately five million cylinders which are held either at customer sites or company filling plants.
  • Bulk: Vivo Energy Morocco sells LPG in bulk to customers belonging to the industrial and commercial sectors (e.g. ceramics, canning, glass, chemicals and hotels). Butagaz adapts LPG solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Butagaz ensures supply reliability due to its extensive storage and logistical capabilities.

In addition to a full commitment to and compliance with all national safety rules, Butagaz filling plants operations offer:
  • Cylinder weight control 
  • Equipment optimisation expertise
  • Adherence to Vivo Energy Group safety and quality standardsProfessionals on call
By dialing our Customer Service number (0820 00 000), you can access the services of a team of highly trained professional call centre agents, with whom you can place your order and have your inquiries attended to.

A competent management team, a responsive sales force and an efficient technical team provide you with immediate solutions that meet your requirements.