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Vivo Energy Card Services

Shell Card 

Vivo Energy Morocco proposes to all his customer’s innovative and easy solution payment means.

Dedicated to Fleet managers, Shell card is multi-identification, multi-options and multi-products card offering several new advantages.

For more safety, all the transactions are made by a mobile and intelligent TPE allowing the distant reconnaissance of the driver badge and the car tag.

Indeed, the new Shell card allows the identification of several parameters:

  • The vehicle during the transaction via the tag stuck on the windscreen of the vehicle and carrying the picture of the new Shell card. This feature insures the presence of the vehicle on the station during the period of the transaction
  • The driver, via a driver badge interfaced with the Shell card. In case of use by several drivers, this feature allows the Fleet’s administrator to track the fuel spending by driver
  • The pump attendant on the purchase ticket, via a code which is attributed to him by the manager of the station.

Thanks to its flexibility, the new Shell card can be tailored to response to your needs.

Our customer service is at your listening the working days from 9 am till 5 pm. For any question, please contact our team by e-mail, mail, fax or telephone.

Shell Card TAQATI

Shell Card TAQATI is the new Shell prepaid and reloadable card. Dedicated to private motorists, Shell TAQATI is a simple fast and secure solution of payment, for those who want to stop using cash.

With Shell TAQATI, you can track and control your fuel purchases.

The Shell Card TAQATI is also associated to a special loyalty program. You can collect points in each top up and purchase and then the points are converted to an extra credit. You can use your credit at any time you want to buy extra fuel, lubricants, Select products and other services.

TAQATI benefits

Choice of Top up amount:
With Shell TAQATI, you choose the Top up that fit to your needs.
The cards can be recharged on sites or remotely.

Shell TAQATI has a period of 1 year credit validity from its first or last Top up.
The card is not delivered with a printed expiration.

In Every purchase done with TAQATI, a ticket is given specifying the purchase amount, the credit and loyalty points collected*.
The point of sale name and patent are also specified in the same ticket.

The perfect gift
Shell Card TAQATI can be a perfect gift as you can offer it with a credit or recharge it remotely if needed. You can also manage the consumption with ease and in a complete freedom. It can be used also for promotional actions, recognize, employee motivation and customer loyaltys…

The Shell Card TAQATI is protected by a PIN CODE that can be customized. This code can be chosen at the first top up. Every card can be blocked on your request if lost or stolen.

Free of fees and engagement
Shell Card TAQATI is operable without any additional fees**, and is free of engagement. It can be used when needed with no constraints.

Loyalty pays*
For each card use, you can collect loyalty points and convert them according to the loyalty program developed.

High quality products and services
With Shell TAQATI, you have the best opportunity to use:

  • Fuels designed to last longer,
  • A complete lubricants range designed for a maximal motor protection and performance,
  • A large selection of products and offers available in our Shop & Select, oil changes, car wash and maintenance services. 

Our customer service is at your disposal on working days from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.

For any queries, please contact our team via email, mail, fax or telephone.

Telephones:  Casablanca +212 (0) 522 76 23 06 / +212 (0) 522 76 23 63 / +212 (0) 522 76 22 78 / +212 (0) 522 76 22 87 /  Rabat  +212 (0) 537 20 22 64

Fax: Casablanca +212 (0) 522 76 23 25 / Rabat +212 (0) 53 77 91 94 


Address: Vivo Energy Maroc - Service Cartes Immeuble le Zenith II, Lotissement Attaoufik Route de Nouacer Sidi Mâarouf Casablanca Maroc

* The loyalty program is promotional. The regulation is available on 
** Out of initial first card placing fees