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Vivo Energy Morocco - LPG


Vivo Energy is a major player in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the African marketplace, meeting the needs of both large commercial customers and local communities, where LPG is a safer, cleaner alternative to the traditional fuels used for cooking and heating. Our LPG is stored, distributed and delivered under the widely recognised and trusted Butagaz brand.

With multiple filling centres, distributors, storage terminals and truck fleets, we offer customers an efficient and professional network ensuring secure and reliable products and services and a consistently competitive energy solution.
In Morocco, Butagaz is available to domestic and business customers. LPG is a cost effective source of energy that is safe when it is properly used. It is environmentally friendly and clean-burning. As it provides instant heat, it saves time. In the domestic context, Butagaz is used for cooking and heating.