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A new economical formula unique to Shell

Shell FuelSave Diesel is an additivated fuel containing the fuel economy formula that has been designed to last longer.  This formula has been developed by Shell only.

Shell FuelSave Diesel has been designed to ensure immediate saving and provides the following advantages in light vehicles such as tourist vehicles :

  • Designed to improve engine efficiency from the first fill.
  • Designed to improve engine efficiency by allowing the diesel to ignite and burn faster, thus ensuring better combustion.
  • Designed to keep inlet valves clean to prevent deposit formation around the injectors and improve engine efficiency.

Shell FuelSave Diesel is designed to offer the following advantages to heavy vehicles such as lorries and buses:

  • Designed to improve engine efficiency throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.
  • Designed to prevent deposits from forming around the injectors, thanks to powerful detergents contained in this new formula.

In addition, Shell FuelSave Diesel is:

  • Designed to protects all types of vehicles against rust and prevents foam from forming during fuelling,