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What’s in it?

Developed specially for diesel engines, Shell V-power Diesel is the new Shell premium fuel, designed to deliver improved performance to your engine.

Formulated with powerful detergent technology, Shell V-power Diesel is developed to help prevent and clean away power-robbing diesel injector deposits.

Developed by Shell scientist, Shell V-power Diesel is designed to restore and maintain engine power through active engine protection.

Shell V-power can help you live a unique driving experience!

How it works?

Your car's engine starts its life free from gunk and corrosion. Over time however, it faces challenges that can affect its performance. Buildup of gunk on the diesel engine's fuel injectors can impair combustion. This can result in reduced performance and your engine not delivering to its best.

Shell V-power Diesel is designed to protect your car's performance. The fuel acts instantly in your engine.

  • Its formulation delivers more energy and remains efficient as long as you are driving
  • It is formulated with powerful cleaning agents to prevent and remove engine deposits that can be left behind by non-premium fuels.

It also forms a protective film on metal surfaces, helping to protect precision fuel system components from corrosion

Is-it for me?

Shell V-power Diesel is the best choice for drivers who are caring about their cars engine and are looking for performance.