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Vivo Energy Morocco - Shops and Services

Vivo Energy Morocco operates a network of convenience retailing:  Shell Select Shops and ‘Espace café’ outlets. We are committed to constant development of the element of convenience in the local retail industry by offering our customers a 24-hour one-stop shopping solution in a pleasant and friendly environment.

Our Shell Select Shops are consistently clean, bright and tidy, and conveniently located. They are managed by staff who provide fast, efficient and friendly service to customers on the go.

Vivo Energy Morocco’s network of Shell Select Shops offers customers a high-quality, carefully selected range of quick turnover goods and services, from fresh snack foods served in a dedicated café section to impulse products like chocolates, candy, confectionary and cool-drinks.

Customers can also look forward to exciting sales promotions and value-for-money special offers on a regular basis.