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Vivo Energy Namibia - Retail Fuels

Shell Diesel 50

Shell Diesel 50, a low sulphur fuel, is the latest diesel product in the Namibian market. The lower sulphur content leads to lower sulphate emissions providing overall better air quality.

Shell Diesel Extra

Shell Diesel Extra is our fuel economy product – a diesel fuel with a unique formulation designed to give heavy duty vehicles extra kilometres at no extra cost*, Shell Diesel Extra uses Shell’s advanced technology designed to improve engine efficiency by preventing the build- up of deposits in injector nozzles.

Shell Diesel Extra is formulated with corrosion inhibitors that create a protective layer over vital engine parts (such as the fuel filter and pump) and prevent rusting, thus help to protect your vehicles’ fuel systems from corrosion.

Shell Diesel Extra helps reduce foam while refuelling hence with less foam each fill can be faster and cleaner, with less risk of spillage.

* Comparison between a standard diesel and that of the same standard diesel containing our fuel economy formula.  Savings may vary according to vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.

Shell V-Power

Shell V-Power is designed to improve your engine’s performance, whatever car you may drive. Containing a powerful cleansing technology, Shell V-Power is designed to enhance everyday driving performance and responsiveness.* These cleaning components are designed to prevent the build-up of power-reducing inlet valve deposits and to help remove any that have been left behind by other fuels. This turns the engine more freely, helping your engine to breathe easily, and aids in the transfer of energy from the fuels to the wheels more efficiently.

*As compared to a regular gasoline. Performance benefits may not be instant. Actual benefits may vary according to vehicle driving conditions and driving style.