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Vivo Energy Senegal - Community Investment

Vivo Energy Senegal wants to make a real and lasting difference to the communities in which we operate. Our community investment programmes matter to us because we employ local people and serve local businesses and individuals. We want to create lasting social and economic benefits for these communities and engage with them to earn their respect and trust.

We have chosen to focus on three key areas of community investment. These are road safety, education and the environment. Examples of our activities in community investment include the following.

Road Safety

Our partnership with ‘La Nouvelle Prévention Routière’and the national public transport company enables us to help to build awareness of road transport safety issues.

Vivo Energy Senegal was recently at the forefront of a national ‘Road Safety Awareness Day’, focused on the safe use of footbridges by the country’s citizens. The company partnered with the mechanics association, A2MS, who are renowned in Senegal for their commitment to road transport safety.


Through a partnership with educational establishments, we introduce students to the world of work and business through a trainee programme. Our senior managers share their knowledge of Vivo Energy’s business practices and our approach to good corporate governance.


We work closely with local communities to raise awareness of threats to the sensitive ecology of Baie de Hann.