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Vivo Energy Uganda - Commercial Fuels

With Shell’s world-leading portfolio of regular and differentiated fuels, Vivo Energy Uganda offers our commercial customers innovative energy solutions that add value to their businesses, enhance the efficiency of their operations and reduce their environmental impact.

We are fortunate to be able to draw upon Shell’s standing as a global leader in fuels innovation and R&D, and on its constant, continuing focus on further enhancing fuels technology and developing more efficient and cleaner products.

The use of only Shell’s high-tech, differentiated products in our customers’ high-performance machines offers many diverse benefits, including improved engine performance and protection, and reduced fuel consumption. The products themselves are approved by over 3 000 original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) approvals across our product ranges.

Shell FuelSave Diesel

To make those short, long and everything-in-between journeys a little bit easier on the bank balance, Shell’s scientists have created Shell FuelSave Diesel, which is designed to last longer at no extra cost*.

Shell FuelSave Diesel is enriched with Shell Active Efficiency Ingredient, designed to improve fuel economy from the very first fill .

How does Shell Active Efficiency Ingredient work?

This fuel-efficient formula is designed to ignite and burn more effectively, helping to produce more efficient combustion in your engine. This can help you to get the most out of every drop of Shell FuelSave Diesel.

Getting to this stage was a welcome challenge for the Shell scientists, who relentlessly tested the fuel in their lab and on the road so that each time you fill up, you can save.

* Comparison between a standard diesel and that of the same standard diesel containing our fuel economy formula. Savings may vary according to vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.