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Vivo Energy Uganda - Retail Lubricants 

Vivo Energy Uganda service stations offer a wide range of highly innovative world-class regular and synthetic lubricants, including the following:

  • Shell Helix range (petrol engine lubricants)

The majority of our service stations have fully operational lubricants bays where our customers can enjoy our world-class service. A few of these bays have now been upgraded to our state-of-the-art Shell Helix Oil Change Plus (SHOC-Plus) standard, where customers bringing in their vehicles for service can enjoy our hospitality while we take their cars through a more comprehensive list of checks.

In terms of maintaining and boosting our best-in-class customer service, Vivo Energy Uganda recently rolled out active forecourt service training for our service station employees across the country.

We will continue to provide our lubricants customers with the best offer on the market, introducing innovations such as the lubricants top-up packs (Helix and Rimula) and continuing the roll-out of the SHOC-Plus lubricants bays across the country.

Shell Helix

Shell Helix Ultra motor oils’ active cleansing technology is specially formulated to clean as it protects. Every pack contains special cleansing agents which stop dirt build-up where you can’t see it, but where it really matters. Shell Helix also helps to provide improved fuel efficiency and easier cold-starting. As it reduces oil-consumption, it reduces the number of top-ups your engine would require. Shell Helix also makes for a smoother, quieter drive.

An engine kept clean with Shell Helix Ultra will provide maximum performance, protection and efficiency.