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Vivo Group

Vivo Energy supplies fuel, lubricants and technical support to business customers across a range of industries. We offer our customers advanced business services to help improve the efficiency of their operations. Our products are delivered on time and in full, and under the strictest Health, Safety, Security and Environmental standards, in line with those generated by the Shell Group. The products Vivo Energy offers commercial customers include:

  • Shell Diesel is designed to provide extra mileage at no additional cost.
  • Shell Diesel Extra is designed to help you to get more kilometres per tank by helping to keep your vehicle engine in peak condition.
  • Shell FuelSave Diesel contains active efficiency ingredients to improve fuel economy.
  • Shell Fuel Oil Plus Aviation and marine fuels Lubricants – Shell Rimula, Shell Gadus, Shell Tellus.
  • LPG – Afrigas, Butagaz, Shell Gas.

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