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“I want to help to keep us at number one in our market”

Edward Walugembe
Retail and Lubricants Manager, Vivo Energy Uganda

As Retail and Lubricants Manager, Vivo Energy Uganda, Edward Walugembe feels that his role places him in the engine that will drive growth for the company. Having tasted early success in helping his Operating Unit (OU) to move to the number one position in his market has given Edward the inspiration and determination to ensure that he continues to do all he can to maintain the lead.

What attracted you to Vivo Energy?

I joined Shell in 1998, starting out as an engineer, then I moved into lubricants and after that, into commercial sales. When Shell transitioned to Vivo Energy, I moved into retail. For me, the culture of Vivo Energy is characterised by a real thirst for growth and wish for new ideas and thinking. Vivo is a very dynamic company, with great growth ambitions and it empowers the Operating Units (OUs) to play in the markets and deliver the numbers.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

Vivo Energy’s vision is to become the most respected energy business in Africa and I believe that delivering a strong performance, delivering value to our key stakeholders – these are important elements in achieving this vision. Retail is the engine that drives our performance and it will help us to achieve our vision. There is a lot of action in retail – I have to ensure that the sales are happening, that we are delivering on growth and brand visibility. How the retail business fits into Vivo Energy’s overall ambition is what drives me. 

Secondly, for Vivo Energy Uganda, retail accounts for 70% of the profitability deliverable. The fact that my line of business is the engine for where the growth is going to come from gives me the challenge that I enjoy. This is a new role for me and I’ve already seen some success. We’ve moved into the number one position in the market. This gives me the desire and the drive to continue to deliver, because obviously, once you get into a leading position, you want to maintain it – I want to help to keep us at number one in the Ugandan market!

What advice would you give to someone who has recently joined or wishes to join Vivo Energy?

You must be ready to deliver. In some companies or cultures people join thinking that they will get there and find their way around. At Vivo Energy, it is all about delivery and consistency. If you deliver today, but you don’t deliver tomorrow, that is not success. If you consistently deliver, the only way to go is up and you will grow as the company grows.

What are your personal views of the Shell brand and products?

Shell is one of the most recognized oil and gas brands in the world. In my local market, Shell is the strongest fuel brand. We lead in so many aspects from innovation to fuel differentiation and performance. We are a leader in so many aspects, for example in setting standards and in fuel quality. The strong attributes that are attached to the Shell brand are clearly visible. In Uganda, we are the only marketer today that has differentiated fuel. I like to be associated with a brand that is clearly the industry leader in our market.

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