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“We are an anthill – everyone is focused on what he or she will deliver”

Hind Ameziane
HR Director, Vivo Energy Morocco

As HR Director Vivo Energy Morocco, Hind Ameziane sees it as her mission to help to transform Vivo Energy’s culture so it becomes a faster, more dynamic and entrepreneurial organisation. Hind joined Shell in 2001 and was part of the transition to Vivo Energy in 2011. She summarises what keeps her with Vivo Energy in three words: growth, accountability and respect. By this, Hind says she means growth for the business and its people, holding oneself and others accountable and respect for the environment and communities in which the company operates.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

As HR Manager for Vivo Energy Morocco, I feel very proud of growing the talent and leaders of my organisation. This is one of the key enablers to delivering our business promise. What makes it exciting for me is my contribution as a change faacilitator. My contribution is to help to guide and to accompany the organisation in its cultural transformation. I am also very passionate about spreading a high level of engagement, teamwork and positive spirit within the organisation. I believe it is important for every employee to have good energy every day, not only at the beginning of his or her day but also at the end. HR is also a function in the centre of all businesses and we continuously strive to maintain the cell of our organism, to keep it alive and fresh.

How would you describe the people at Vivo Energy?

Vivo Energy fosters diversity and as a result its people are very diverse. This is part of the richness and power of our organisation. Yet we all feel connected to the Vivo Energy vision – we are all passionate about the dream for Africa’s development. We are like an anthill – everyone is working, focused on what he or she will deliver. Though it’s a complex environment, it is delivering something that is big and powerful for the whole organisation.

What do you consider as your biggest achievement in your career thus far?

There are two areas that I feel are most important. Firstly, the organizational and cultural transformation work that I did when I was in the Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) function. I now work within the HR function, and my role is about transforming the company culture to be able to deliver on our business promise. I feel very proud that I made a tangible contribution to how the culture is today – in both HSSE and HR.

Secondly, the impact I have had on my colleagues or teams I’ve worked with. Witnessing individual or team development, this is something that is very meaningful for me. Throughout my experience I’ve been working with or managing teams. It is very rewarding to see people growing in your team, to take another challenge.

Do you have any hobbies or activities that you enjoy outside of work?

I am very keen on trekking as I enjoy spending time outdoors, connecting with nature. When I climb mountains, I enjoy the team experience, but also the silent moments when walking alone on a journey. This gives me a lot of energy. My background is in civil engineering and I’m a founder and active member of a ‘Women in Engineering Association’. We plan and take many actions to help women engineers to connect and develop themselves. We try to contribute by helping to develop the education of girls in Morocco, particularly those in rural or peri-urban areas. We try to inspire them to go beyond their limits, to be ambitious about their achievements and their careers.

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