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Vivo Group

“Focus, simplify and perform is our reality”

Khadidiatou Fall
Managing Director, Vivo Energy Burkina

Khady Fall is the Managing Director of Vivo Energy Burkina. Having started out her career in the oil products sector at Shell, Khady believes that “Focus, simplify and perform” is what Vivo Energy employees do every day.

How would you describe the people at Vivo Energy?

The first thing that comes to my mind is the spirit of teamwork. In the case of our Operating Unit (OU), we’re all pulling in the same direction and you have all the support you need to perform your role effectively. Secondly, the people who work for Vivo Energy are skillful and competent. When interacting with people in many cases, they add value to your work by bringing in new perspectives that you would not have thought of before. Also, the people at Vivo Energy are young, passionate and they have a real appetite for growth.

What advice would you give to someone who has recently joined or wishes to join Vivo Energy?

Vivo Energy is very open and you have opportunities to grow and develop your career. It is important that you take full ownership and that you take the lead in your role. Ask for support to achieve your goals and objectives – never hesitate to ask. You should also always challenge yourself. Ask yourself what you can do better, what you can improve next and how you can learn from others. Don’t stay in your comfort zone – aspire to do better all the time.

What makes you stay at Vivo Energy?

I am continuing to learn new things. I enjoy contributing to the achievement of our aspirations as a company. We want to create the most respected energy company in Africa. My dream is to be number one in our market, not number two. I believe that we will get there. The challenge to get there makes my role exciting and keeps me engaged.

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