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"Change delayed is an opportunity lost"

Peter Murungi
Supply and Marketing Manager, Namibia

Peter Murungi, Supply and Marketing Manager of Vivo Energy Namibia, is not only passionate about people, he is passionate about change, believing that it brings about growth and opportunity.

What was appealing in the transition from Shell to Vivo Energy

I love change and have always believed that the challenges and opportunities that come with it can be fruitful and exhilarating.

What is the best part of working at Vivo Energy?

The knowledge and belief that I have finally found a home, a company filled with opportunity and an energy that has added the spark I needed to unlock my full potential. Failure has never been an option. Vivo Energy has given me the opportunity to grow by giving me the freedom to make my own decisions, and to seek approval when I deem it necessary. Although I am rewarded for my achievements, I am also held accountable for my actions, and this keeps me focused on my performance. The energy in the environment of Vivo Energy is electric. After all, the growth and performance of Vivo Energy and the company’s investment in Africa, in such a short period, has been phenomenal. I wish to emulate this as an individual.

What do you like most about your role?

I like the fact that, as Supply and Marketing Manager of Vivo Energy, I can see the business from both perspectives: marketing and supply.  When I began working I always wanted to work in sales, but ended up in operations. Now, Vivo Energy has given me the opportunity to add an entirely new dimension to my career! Something I feel privileged about. I am passionate about serving customers, making and keeping them happy, because ultimately it is through ‘people’ relationships that Vivo Energy will continue to grow as a force to be reckoned with. This is the kind of challenge that keeps me going and motivated.

What career advice would you give to someone wishing to join Vivo Energy?

I believe that people wishing to join Vivo Energy need to be pro-active by nature and have the will to take full control of their own careers.  They should try to never shy away from sharing career aspirations when presented with an opportunity to do so. Vivo Energy is a growth-driven company and needs exceptional leaders and qualified, creative, dedicated staff to achieve this. If you fit the bill, then Vivo Energy is the company for you.

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