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Vivo Energy in Bangr-Weogo: adding forest to forest

As part of its community investment programme, Vivo Energy Burkina, in partnership with the NGO Junior Achievement, organised a tree planting session in Bangr-Weogo, the forest located in the heart of Ouagadougou City, on 23rd August 2014.

Nabalma Silmiraogo, Managing Director of Vivo Energy Burkina, highlighted the fact this activity was part of the company’s general Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) policy putting the environment at the heart of the company’s priorities.

At Vivo Energy, we express our commitment to protecting the environment through two complementary channels. Clearly, we have a direct responsibility for the impact that Vivo Energy makes as a business and we work hard to develop energy resources, products, services, practices and policies that reduce our impact on the environment.


We also have a responsibility to educate local communities and help them adopt behaviours that will safeguard the environment and improve energy efficiency and, as a consequence, promote both a better quality of life and a sustainable future for individuals and businesses alike.

Vivo Energy employees went green on that day, travelling with plants to the urban forest with the aim to replace those destroyed by bad weather, mark out the perimeter with good, sturdy ones and to weed the area in order to ensure the new plants’ survival.

Mr Silmiraogo planted a mango tree to set the tone and was followed by his colleagues who planted a variety of local fruit trees species.  To conclude the day, Mr Silmiraogo stressed that it was not just a matter of planting, but also maintaining the trees. As a result, measures will be taken to help the plants grow in the future.



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