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In Côte d’Ivoire, Vivo Energy has partnered with “Terre Des Jeunes CI” NGO for the environment protection. The partnership “Vivo Energy CI / Terre Des Jeunes” has existed since 2008 for training and awareness on environmental protection in the sector of national education.

The past years have been marked by several actions of planting that culminate in an event called “the Festival of Trees”, usually occurring on world environment day. The event includes activities like drawing contest, singing contest, parades...all related to the environment protection theme and also a very important part of tree planting.

In June 2013, about 150 students and their teachers were able to attend training sessions, which should allow them to become ambassadors for the environment and spread the message of protecting the environment in their schools.

The programme, which is regularly updated, includes the creation of "green space" and gardens, resulting in several rounds of planting of trees around the country.

In fact, every school is encouraged to have its own green space. Some of The trees planted in the schools are then bought back by the NGO to be replanted in forests across the countries.

“Terre Des Jeunes CI” is affiliated to the Ministry of Environment and is constantly supported by SODEFOR (Forest Development Corporation) and several local authorities. This year, the 5th of June ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Environment of urban safety and sustainable development, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Water and Forests, the Sodefor and several media.

Finally, the partnership “VECI / Terre Des Jeunes CI” has helped in catching the attention of the authorities on the need to protect the environment focusing all efforts on school children ... A way to help ensure a lasting legacy for future generations.

“We believe that several actions done together can always make a difference. Supporting Terre Des Jeunes allow us to develop citizens who take care of their environment: real eco-citizens. The whole country will benefit from this initiative, and beyond the world.” Christian Fieni (HSSE Director of Vivo Energy CI)
Vivo Energy CI remains a safe partner for sustainable development.
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