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Vivo Energy Guinea makes a donation to the Female Cleaners of Matoto Society

Vivo Energy Guinea held an official ceremony on Wednesday 25 June 2014 at its head offices to donate cleaning equipment to the Female Cleaners of Matoto Society. The value of the gift was estimated at 30 million Guinean Francs, a little over 4,000 dollars.

This gift from Vivo Energy Guinea included 500 masks, pairs of gloves and boots, overcoats, milk cartons, wheelbarrows, spades and brooms.

Kader Maiga, Managing Director of Vivo Energy Guinea, presided the ceremony in the presence of Bernard Le Goff, Regional Vice-President and member of Vivo Energy’s Management Team as well as the Deputy Mayor and Municipal Leader of Matoto.

In the words of the Managing Director, this gesture is a way of paying homage to our mothers, sisters and aunts working daily to keep the routes alongside the Fidel Castro motorway clean and create a pleasant and hygienic atmosphere. “Every morning on our way to work, we encounter these brave women who often work in difficult conditions”, he declared. In addition, he expressed his hopes that this first gift would help to improve the working conditions of the members of the Female Cleaners of Matoto Society.

Mrs Fadiga, spokesperson for the Society, was very grateful for the gesture of Vivo Energy Guinea and hopes that the partnership will last.

For the Deputy Mayor of Matoto, Vivo Energy Guinea’s gesture will help fill a gap. “We appreciate this gesture at its true value. It is the first time a company has ever made such an effort. Thank you – thank you very much”, he added.

Both the Mayor and the President of the Society promised to make good use of the equipment.

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