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In Tunisia, a road safety education program aimed at children has been developed by Vivo Energy in partnership with a local NGO and Shell Tunisia Offshore. Targeting school-goers between the ages of six and 12, the programme focuses on educating children about safe use of the road in three main potential situations – as pedestrians, in the car with their parents and on bike. The programme was named Ana wattarik or “The road and me”, and included a series of courses, exercises, games and simulations facilitated by volunteer teachers. The pilot phase during the first half of 2012 saw Ana wattarik rolled out to more than 700 pupils at 24 primary schools across Tunisia. With the pilot phase over, the current focus of Vivo Energy Tunisia’s Road safety programme involves – through a partnership with the education ministry – updating the original content and format as well as enlarging its scope, with an objective to roll it out to 100 primary schools throughout the country. The programme has been re-named Salamati alattarik or “My road safety” and new stakeholders brought in, including education specialists as well as Vivo Energy Road Transport and HSSE colleagues. New materials have also been procured, for example, exercises and tests copybooks, colour books, road safety brochures, stationery, games and CDs for the pupils; and books, posters, safety films, safety vests and other training material for the teachers.
In early 2013, a train-the-trainers workshop was held for nursery and primary school teachers, and inspectors with the presence of Naoufel Aissa (Managing Director of Vivo Energy Tunisia) and officials from the country’s education and transport ministries. Around 150 participants appreciated Vivo Energy HSSE/Road Transport leaders delivering presentations on road signs and signals, and on proper behaviour on the road. Participants were also divided into syndicate groups and worked on a common understanding of the programme content. “Our next steps would be to formalise the agreement between Vivo Energy Tunisia and the Ministry of Education, and also follow-up on and evaluate progress of the programme in the schools. Going forward, our primary objective is to influence the ministry to integrate a road safety module in the primary school curriculum.” - Naoufel Aissa, Managing Director of Vivo Energy Tunisia
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