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At Vivo Energy, we choose to focus our community investment efforts on road safety, education and the environment, and we are driving a number of high-impact community initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the continent’s people in these three areas.

One of the most important aspects of Vivo Energy’s corporate reputation is that we are a company that genuinely cares about, and creates lasting economic benefits for, the communities where we operate.

The three themes of our community investment programme are road safety, the environment and education. We have selected these three areas to focus our efforts and optimise our ability to make a real difference to the communities where we operate.

Road safety

Vivo Energy continues to be at the forefront of various Road Safety interventions across Africa. We are widely recognised as the continent’s energy industry leaders when it comes to championing and setting standards for Road Safety – not only within our own sales and distribution operations but also on a societal level. Many of our programmes are aimed at creating a cultural shift in perception and encouraging the adoption of safe behaviours among all road users: pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.


Vivo Energy continues to drive a number of child development and educational initiatives across Africa, aimed at improving the lives of the continent’s youth, and fostering a culture of academic achievement and learning. Of course, whilst academic excellence is important, Vivo Energy is also proud to be involved with several initiatives aimed at improving not just the education, but the lives of countless children and teenagers throughout Africa.


At Vivo Energy, we try and see the world through the eyes of our stakeholders, which helps us keep in mind that our business activities affect (and are affected by) society and the environment. We work tirelessly to improve the environmental performance of our operations (using less energy, water and other resources). We are also actively involved in several environmental projects across Africa, with the objective to influence changes in behaviour and to get communities to start thinking about and caring for the environment.
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