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COVID-19 has had a massive impact on all of us. At Vivo Energy, our real heroes are our service station Customer Champions and frontline staff, and particular thanks must go to them and the operational staff at our offices, plants and depots who have continued to keep our service stations and Commercial customers’ operations running.

Here’s what just a few of these heroes had to say about how they are getting on and how COVID-19 has affected their work.

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Misani Makhuwa, Depot Operator, Francistown Depot

Vivo Energy Botswana

I was feeling a bit down when the pandemic was initially announced, as I feared I was in danger of contracting the virus. But we have to work together and practice all the necessary measures put in place by the health professionals - for example wearing masks, using the correct PPE, washing hands with clean water and soap, and using sanitizers. I also practice social distancing, and we wipe down common areas like keyboards, door handles and phones. Lastly, we have a nurse in the depot who always screens us before work.

I always create small moments of happiness during working hours, which helps us to relieve stress and forget the pandemic for a bit. Even though we maintain social distancing, I make sure to stay in touch with the team through calls and messages to try to build healthy relationships and ensure we do not lose touch.

Our drivers who come to the depot are happy with the way we are treating them and have congratulated us on the safety precautions we put in place. They feel safe when visiting the depot.

Harry Martines, Warehouse Assistant and Forklift driver

Vivo Energy Gabon

For me, the current situation has not changed the way I work because the deliveries are still carried out normally. I feel good and safe because I am applying the appropriate hygiene guidance and ensuring we follow social distancing.

I also gave instructions to the security guard to control everyone entering and exiting the site. We take their recent travel history and check if they have fever, before they can enter the site.

Adizatu Ali, Customer Champion, Trassaco Shell service station

Vivo Energy Ghana

I feel good, excited and ready to welcome our customers. 

I'm following all of the protective measures and make sure I also clean our door handles, chillers and shelves with alcohol. I also make sure that anytime a customer walks in, he or she washes their hands or sanitises them before entering the shop.

I am now extra careful in my duties. To reduce the risk exposure, I encourage customers to use mobile money payments and Visa cards.

Our Customers are encouraging us to use masks and sanitisers, and frequently wash our hands with soap under running water, especially after handling money.

Mamadou Cellou, Dispatcher at the main depot of Société Guinéenne des Pétroles (SGP)

Vivo Energy Guinea

We are all living in an anxious situation because of this pandemic. We are aware of the responsibilities entrusted to us and are doing our utmost to respect the actions that stand in the way.

For our safety, the workforce has been reduced on the premises, interactions between colleagues are limited to essentials and working hours have been reduced to limit exposure. We wear a mask and have hydro-alcoholic gels at our disposal, but we wash our hands frequently with soap and water.

We always work with the same commitment. And I keep faith in God and I have hope because we see that the epidemic is receding.

The customers are proud of us, they thank us and pray for our protection.

Harry Smith, Customer Champion, Engen Ligne Paradis service station

Vivo Energy Reunion

I feel worried but I am committed to my role. I implement social distancing and I put all the necessary measures in place to protect the team and myself. I have also noticed that the team is paying more attention to daily tasks to avoid any risk.

Customers are thankful of the precautions we are taking and always wish us good luck. At the service station, we are all keeping our spirits high, and we love our work.

Mickael Etheve, Cashier, Engen La Montagne service station

Vivo Energy Reunion

I am a bit worried about the future but I remain calm, because I trust the management will do whatever it takes to protect me. I wear a mask and gloves when handling cash. These measures have created some distance between the customers, and me but we still have a friendly chat and I deliver the same high standards of service. Our customers are pleased that we are here for them.

Selina Protudence, Office Attendant/Cleaner

Vivo Energy Tanzania

I feel good coming to work every day because Vivo Energy Tanzania has provided us with facemasks and gloves to try to minimize the risk of being infected. We also get regularly trained on how to appropriately use PPE.

It gives me the upmost pleasure to know that I am partly responsible for keeping our workplace safe during these challenging times and hence I do my work with great care and dedication. I maintain high standard of hygiene which includes deep cleaning and then disinfecting both at work and home. I always ensure that I never leave the house for work without having a facemask on. Also, once at work I wash my hands regularly and use sanitisers before, during and after work. I take the same precaution using PPE whilst going home and take a shower as soon as I get home.

COVID-19 has made getting to work a little bit more challenging due to transport issues, however it is not a major setback as I am now used to it.

To stay positive I work hard and pray for my family, my colleagues and everyone in Tanzania.

Daruweishi Abeid Ngweshani, Driver

Vivo Energy Tanzania

I feel positive and educated on how best to avoid getting infected. Vivo Energy Tanzania, along with our company health advisor, have been very helpful ensuring we take the right precautionary measures from when we leave our homes to when we return back so we can minimise the spread and infection.

In order to stay safe, I make sure that I always wash my hands regularly, I use a sanitiser and carry fresh masks with me in the car. I even have a bottle of pocket size sanitiser that I keep with me at all times for when I need it. I also avoid interactions with large masses and go home straight from work.

We have changed how we socialise at work. We no longer physically shake hands to greet each other and I am lucky that management has allowed me a flexi work schedule and once I am done I go home in order to avoid unnecessary interactions. It's a shame that I can no longer socially chat with the customers on football etc. Now I just deliver or receive documents and quickly leave.

Since I have been dealing with our customers for a long time, I know most of them well. They appreciate the safety measures I take when going to their offices and acknowledge we are very serious about safety.

Allan Kiggundu, Quality Marshal, Shell Kira Road service station

Vivo Energy Uganda

The COVID-19 pandemic has many of us glued to the news, concerned for loved ones, and adapting our lives to deal with the changes in our homes, schools, work places and life in general. It has been challenging and this has put significant pressure on our sales but we continue to devote time and energy to serve our customers.

Social distancing has been emphasised in our offices and at the forecourt and we always wash our hands after serving a customer. We also encourage customers to avoid paying with cash, which I'm they're doing.

To stay positive I try to avoid being caught up in the news coverage and stick to respected health websites, such as the Ministry of Health to get clear, simple instructions and facts on the coronavirus and how to handle it.

Most of our customers, especially the medical personnel, always encourage us to be vigilant and alert as we carry out our jobs.

George Banda, Customer Champion, Leopardshill Service station

Vivo Energy Zambia

It is very scary having to think I have to go out there and work in the current crisis, but my job is my livelihood and the only source of income that I have.

I sanitise my hands, wear gloves and change them often. I wash my hands more often now and make sure I social distance when in public and stay home when not working.

The current situation has helped me to not only focus on my job, but my health and the health of other employees on site. As a team, we are all more focussed on hygiene measures.

I am looking forward to the future. I often have conversations with my friends about how life has changed and we all look forward to a post COVID-19 time. Customers encourage us to keep following the safety measures, and they cheer us up by reminding us that this will be over soon.

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