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Vivo Energy Uganda wins prestigious Vivo Energy Group Award for its child helmet safety campaign titled, ‘Heads Up!’

Vivo Energy Uganda, the company that distributes and markets Shell branded fuels and lubricants in Uganda, has been awarded Vivo Energy Group’s Reputation Builders Award for its behavioural change campaign titled, ‘Heads Up!’

Vivo Energy’s Reputation Builders Award is awarded to a project or team that has made a significant contribution to improving the reputation of Vivo Energy with external stakeholders.

‘Heads Up!’ was launched in 2019 with an aim of creating awareness about the probable dangers that school children using public motorcycle transportation, commonly referred to as ‘boda bodas’, face during their daily commute to and from school ; mostly without the required safety helmets.

The partnership between Vivo Energy Uganda and Safe Boda Uganda saw both companies donate child helmets to 12 public schools in high traffic areas of Kampala. School heads distributed and managed their use among their respective pupils that use motorcycle transportation to attend school.

Announcing the award at the Group’s annual Leadership Conference, the Vivo Energy Group Head of Communications, Rob Foyle said, “The annual Vivo Awards are important as they allow us the chance to both celebrate success, and also recognise and reward some of the best work that’s completed all across our company. Congratulations to team Uganda for winning this award”

Vivo Energy Uganda’s 2019 award comes on the heels of a similar win in 2018 for the ‘Tweddeko’ road safety initiative, under the Reputation Builders Award category.

Vivo Energy Uganda Managing Director, Gilbert Assi said, “This is a great honour for our company and for our Corporate Communications team, which is in charge of managing Vivo Energy Uganda’s reputation with all stakeholders through socially impactful community initiatives in education, environment and road safety."

“Creating safe road users also requires that we increase public awareness about their role in enhancing their own safety. We hope that this campaign will continue to inspire the introduction and enforcement of policy to address regulation of safe transportation of children using motorcycle transportation to and from schools,’’ he added.

‘Heads Up!’ was launched in October 2019 by the Minister of State for Primary Education, Hon. Rosemary Seninde at Nateete Junior School in the presence of high ranking officials from the Ministry of Works and Transport, the Uganda Police Force, Safe Boda and the school community.

Hon. Seninde has commended Vivo Energy Uganda and Safe Boda for proactively seeking to address this gap in road safety, especially for school children.

Road Safety is a key focus area for Vivo Energy Uganda. Its road Safety initiatives include the Tweddeko media campaign on TV and on the road through the Tweddeko caravan. Annually, the company convenes key players in the road and traffic sector to discuss and develop actionable plans to improve road safety through the National Road Safety Summit.

The initiatives seek to complement the efforts by key players such as the Ministry of Works and Transport, Uganda Police and others in a bid to improve current road safety standards.

Featured image: Vivo Energy Uganda Managing Director Gilbert Assi, Vivo Group CEO Christian Chammas, Vivo Energy Uganda Corporate Communications Manager Valery Okecho, Communications Assistant Hilda Tushabe, Vivo Energy Namibia MD Edward Walugembe and Group Executive Vice President for East & Southern Africa, Hans Paulsen receiving the award.

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