Vivo Energy, the company that distributes and markets Shell-branded fuels and lubricants, has launched new Shell V-Power 95.

The new Shell V-Power 95 was launched to the Botswana market by Kenneth Kerekang, Director of Energy Affairs, at a cocktail hosted by Vivo Energy Wayne Kingwill, Managing Director Vivo Energy Botswana, at GICC. Also present was Mr Mike Zacharias, Product Quality Advisor for Vivo Energy South Africa, who delivered a technical presentation on the product's benefits.

With the steady increase of car imports both used and new in Botswana, the new Shell V-Power 95 high octane formulation is designed to improve power and responsiveness in our cars. The formulation of Shell V-Power fuelsis designed to actively clean your engine and protect vital engine parts to help deliver more power – throughout the life of your car- whatever car you drive!

Speaking at the launch, Wayne Kingwill said: “Industry trends have shown an 85% increase in the demand for premium fuels. Shell V-Power is our flagship premium fuel designed to enhance engine performance by actively protecting your engine.”

“We are passionate about helping the world’s motorists get more out of their fuel.  Innovative and cleaner fuels are an obvious way for us as a company to make a difference. We know that all fuels are not the same which is why we are committed to making better fuels for our customers and their cars,” said Wayne Kingwill.

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