Shell FuelOil Plus protects the equipment and the environment

Vivo Energy Kenya, the company that distributes and markets Shell-branded fuels and lubricants, has today launched eco-friendly heavy fuel oil for manufacturers who use boilers in their operations. The new fuel oil, which will be known as Shell FuelOil Plus will enable manufacturers improve their boiler efficiency, lower their plant running and maintenance costs and lower their impact on the environment due to lowered carbon dioxide emissions to the environment.

This is a premium product that the company is adding to its portfolio and it’s designed to help fuel efficiency. Shell FuelOil Plus also burns better than regular fuel oil.

“We are cautious about what is emitted to the environment thus our efforts to develop an advanced fuel oil that reduces fuel-related emissions such as black smoke, soot and carbon dioxide,” said Managing Director, Vivo Energy Kenya, Polycarp Igathe during the launch of the product in Kenya. “Shell FuelOil Plus can make your boiler emit visibly less black smoke as well as lower particulate emissions by up to 70%*”

According to Shell Fuel technical expert, Oscar Mbala, Shell FuelOil Plus enables more effective combustion compared to regular fuel oil. This in turn helps reduce deposits, keeps the boiler, burner and fuel system clean and improves heat transfer.

“Shell FuelOil Plus will also help lower maintenance costs for their operations and increase equipment reliability,” noted Oscar.

Shell FuelOil Plus unique formulation includes a component to help minimize sludge formation. It also has a combustion improver which promotes a better spray pattern and fuel-air ratio (mixing of the fuel and air) compared to regular fuel oil. This enables the individual elements of the whole system to run more efficiently, thus helping to improve the overall steam or heat generation process. The new oil helps improve fuel efficiency by up to 3%*.

Vivo Energy Kenya is keen in advancing its products to give a better experience for the Kenyan market as manufacturers embrace Shell FuelOil Plus, which is now available countrywide.

Other countries that are already using Shell FuelOil Plus are, China, Malaysia Mauritius Philippines and Thailand and have seen the benefits.

*Compared to regular fuel oil. Savings may vary with type and operating condition of the equipment/boiler and are based on customer experience including Shell-supported tests. In some cases, customers have achieved higher fuel efficiency or reduction in particulate emissions and black smoke.

About Vivo Energy Kenya

Vivo Energy Kenya, the company that distributes and markets Shell-branded fuels and lubricants, was established in 2012. The Shell brand has been in Kenya for over 100 years.Vivo Energy Kenya has a storage capacity of 85,200 m³ and 138 retail stations with a majority offering of Shell Cards and convenience retailing stores.  Vivo Energy Kenya employs 163 people but the business provides indirect employment to over 200 people.  The company is recognised as a leader in the oil industry especially championing and setting standards for safety in sales and distribution.

Vivo Energy operates in retail; commercial fuels (marine, mining and aviation through Vitol Aviation); liquefied petroleum gas and lubricants in Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mali, Mauritius, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Senegal, Tunisia and Uganda. 

The company employs around 2,100 people and operates 1,470 retail stations under the Shell brand and has access to approximately 900,000 cubic meters of fuel storage capacity. Shell and Vivo Lubricants will have blending capacity of around 91,000 metric tons at plants in seven countries (Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal) producing Shell branded lubricants.

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