Vivo Energy Uganda, the company that distributes and markets Shell branded fuels and lubricants, has today announced a 50 million (Fifty million) Uganda Shillings sponsorship package - under its Shell Advance lubricant - for this year’s National Motocross Championships. Shell Advance is a motorcycle oil that is specifically designed to lubricate motorcycles engines for better performance, protection and reliability.

This is the first round of the motocross out of the eight that are scheduled for this year. At least 60 riders have confirmed participation in the championship and there will be special participation by guest rider Daniel Sedlak from the USA who will be competing in the MX 1 class.

Speaking at the cheque handover ceremony, at Shell Kawempe, Vivo Energy’s Lubricants Brand Manager, Joy Mwine expressed great satisfaction in bringing their customers and motocross fans the exciting riding experience that only Shell Advance can provide. She stated: "Shell Advance, which is specifically designed for motorbikes, actively cleans and protects vital parts of the engine for better performance, giving riders a smoother and more exciting ride". Shell Advance provides continuous protection against valve train wear, removes sludge and engine deposits plus its reliability of oil performance technology and boosts motorcycle performance to its peak potential.

Mwine went on to assure customers of the company’s commitment to continuous innovation to improve product offering, giving customers the quality products that they deserve. She urged motocross participants, fans and the general public to rigorously observe all the safety measures in place to ensure their health and safety during the championships.

“Vivo Energy’s Goal Zero target, means the company aims for zero harm to people, environment and assets. For people this includes zero fatalities, to lose zero time from injuries and to have zero road accidents”, Mwine concluded.

The first round of the championships, organized by Speedway Motorsports Club, will take place on February 15th 2015 at the Uganda Motorsports Arena in Busiika.  All riders will be competing for the top spot on the national championship table in several classes.

About Vivo Energy Uganda

Vivo Energy Uganda, the company that distributes and markets Shell-branded fuels and lubricants, was established in February 2013. The Shell brand has been in Uganda for over 60 years. Vivo Energy Uganda has a storage capacity of 18,297 m³ and 116 service stations with a majority offering of Shell Cards and convenience retail stores. Vivo Energy Uganda employs 120 permanent employees but the business provides indirect employment to over 3,000 people. The company is recognised as the leader in the oil industry especially championing and setting standards for safety in sales and distribution.

Vivo Energy operates in retail; commercial fuels (marine, mining and aviation through Vitol Aviation); liquefied petroleum gas and lubricants in Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mali, Mauritius, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Senegal, Tunisia and Uganda. 

The company employs around 2,100 people and operates 1,470 retail stations under the Shell brand and has access to approximately 900,000 cubic meters of fuel storage capacity. Shell and Vivo Lubricants will have blending capacity of around 91,000 metric tons at plants in seven countries (Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal) producing Shell branded lubricants.

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Cerinah Zalwango

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