Vivo Energy Ghana, the company that distributes and markets Shell branded fuels and lubricants, has rewarded its retailers, quality marshals and a territory manager at a special ceremony held in Koforidua in the Eastern Region.  

The event brought together Vivo Energy Ghana’s service station retailers across the country to review their 2014 performance and share the business focus for 2015, as well as recognise particularly distinguished and hardworking retailers during an awards presentation.

Mr. Godson Agbeshie Desewu, retailer for the Takoradi Anaji service station, was crowned the Retailer of the Year 2014 while the Gold Retailer Awards went to Theophius Aboagye and Peter Bota of Takoradi Highway and Tarkwa service stations respectively. Mr. Jonas Quaye also won the Territory Manager of the year among his peers.

Speaking on the theme, “Delivering beyond the limits - Action now”, Vivo Energy Ghana’s Retail Manager, Mr. Kwame Ackah, challenged retailers to work hard and go the extra mile to achieve and exceed their sales and customer service targets.  “By so doing we can grow, remain in business, and maintain our number one position in the industry” he said.

The Managing Director of Vivo Energy Ghana, Mr. Ebenezer Faulkner, commended the retailers for their commitment to business growth and excellent customer service at their forecourts which has culminated into making Vivo Energy Ghana the market leader in fuels and differentiated fuels in Ghana. He reiterated Vivo Energy’s commitment to fuelling Ghana’s growth and bringing the Shell brand’s unique combination of quality, technology and efficiency to the broad base of retailers across Ghana.

“We will continue to work with our retailers to help them benefit from the strength and reputation of the Shell brand by using the full range of traditional, digital and social media to fully optimise marketing opportunities for Shell’s product and services,” said Mr. Faulkner.

On safety, Mr. Faulkner said Vivo Energy Ghana is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest level of Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) standards across its operations. “We know that our customers recognise and value the standards we set ourselves in HSSE and social performance. We also know that the maintenance and advancement of these standards will play a key role in winning new customers, building loyalty, engaging communities, motivating employees and growing our business. In view of this, I tasked all retailers to identify and report all ‘potential incidents’ at their service stations so that necessary corrective measures can be put in place” said Mr. Faulkner.

About Vivo Energy Ghana

Vivo Energy Ghana, the company that distributes and markets Shell-branded fuels and lubricants, was established in August 2013. The Shell brand has been in Ghana for 85 years.  Vivo Energy Ghana has a storage capacity of 11,000m³ and 142 retail stations with a majority offering of Shell Cards and convenience retail stores.  Vivo Energy Ghana employs 141 people but the business provides indirect employment to over 1,000 people.  The company is recognised as the leader in the oil industry especially championing and setting standards for safety in sales and distribution. 

Vivo Energy operates in retail; commercial fuels (marine, mining and aviation through Vitol Aviation); liquefied petroleum gas and lubricants in Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mali, Mauritius, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Senegal, Tunisia and Uganda.  

The company employs around 2,100 people and operates 1,500 retail stations under the Shell brand and has access to approximately 900,000 cubic meters of fuel storage capacity. Shell and Vivo Lubricants has blending capacity of around 101,000 metric tons at plants in six countries (Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco and Tunisia) producing Shell branded lubricants.

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Shirley Tony Kum

Telephone: +233 540 116 600

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