Whatever your industry and however specialised your equipment, Vivo Energy provides you with Shell products and services that are designed to add value to your operation. Discover how using the right lubricant can bring you substantial savings by helping to maximize equipment efficiency, prolong vehicle life and reduce downtime.


At Vivo Energy, we appreciate your need for operational reliability, particularly during peak sowing and harvesting periods.

Vivo Energy provides the solution: Shell lubricants can help you to prolong machinery life, reduce maintenance costs and emissions, and increase equipment availability. From heavy-duty engine oils to specialist final-drive lubricants, we supply a wide range of innovative products and supporting services backed up by international expertise.

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Equipment breakdowns can severely compromise your project schedule and prevent your company from earning revenue.

At Vivo Energy, we appreciate that in the construction industry you are constantly striving to meet deadlines and lower operating costs. Whether you need a reliable lubricant supply for remote projects or increased equipment availability, Vivo Energy will offer you the wide range of Shell Lubricants and service designed to make a real difference to your entire operation.

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At Vivo Energy, we understand that to be competitive, you need your vehicles to be safe and reliable, and to have high availability.

Shell has a wide range of oils and greases designed to protect your investment, help you reduce operating costs, and comply with environmental standards including the latest-technology Synthetic lubricants for Shell’s ultimate performance.

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Poor lubricants and lubrication practices can mean equipment downtime. Whether you want to reduce power-engine maintenance time with extended-life oils, improve efficiency to increase combined-cycle turbine output or increase the reliability of remote wind turbines, at Vivo Energy, we have a wide range of Shell lubricants designed to meet your needs. This range includes the latest-technology synthetic products for Shell's ultimate performance.

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Are your lubricants fit for severe operating conditions? At Vivo Energy, we appreciate that maximizing machine availability and driving down production and maintenance costs in tough conditions and remote areas can be difficult.

With a long history of working with the mining industry, we have a broad range of Shell specialty products and services designed to add value to your business.

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