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Vivo Energy Mauritius - Community Investment

Vivo Energy Mauritius wants to make a real and lasting difference to the communities in which we operate. Our community investment programmes matter to us because we employ local people and serve local businesses and individuals. We want to create lasting social and economic benefits for these communities and engage with them to earn their respect and trust.

We have chosen to focus on three key areas of community investment. These are road safety, education and the environment.

Road Safety

Cite Zen:  Road Safety Education for young people
Vivo Energy Mauritius Limited launched a new Road Safety education initiative, targeting primary and secondary school children. The project is run in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, and the Road Safety Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office.

The idea is to get children and young people to imagine the road safety messages that they would like to hear or see, so that they can, in turn, convey the right message to their peers and community.

The programme uses new teaching approaches and information technology, in educating and encouraging the target audience to behave responsibly on roads and spread the message on road saftey.

Road Safety TV Programme
Vivo Energy Mauritius Limited partnered with the Road Safety Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office in sponsoring a TV programme on road safety. The programme is intended to raise public awareness on road safety.

The programme is presented by a representative of the Road Safety Unit, with contribution from Vivo Energy Mauritius, and airs at peak time.


Enhancing the Roche Bois area
We have always taken a close interest in Roche Bois, the area in which our main depot has been situated for decades. We have contributed to various sporting, educational and social projects aimed at improving both the lives of local people and the region itself. More recently, we contributed towards the rehabilitation of the Terre Rouge Rivulet Bird Sanctuary, a project run in partnership with the “Force Vive de Roche Bois”, the United Nations Development Programme and the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security. The company has helped to maintain facilities at the Sanctuary, recently renovating two roundabouts and a garden in front of the head office at Roche Bois.


Gas safety: “Gaz Pa Ene Badinaz

Vivo Energy Mauritius launched ‘Gaz Pa Ene Badinaz’ - an educational project developed in partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, and the Government Fire Services.

Our aim is to educate LPG users on safety, health and environmental issues relating to the use of LPG for both domestic and automotive purposes

We started with an integrated media campaign to support talks and workshops held in schools, youth and community centres across the country. We have since developed the programme, with support from Non-Governmental Organisations, to target disadvantaged and impoverished areas. To date, thousands of households have benefited from checks on home LPG installations and advice on its safe use. The programme also includes the training of young technicians at College Technique Saint Gabriel to qualify as LPG technicians

Making a difference in a young person’s life: partnership with Junior Achievement Mascareigne
Vivo Energy Mauritius has a partnership with the NGO, Junior Achievement Mascareignes (JAM) that has been running for a few years. The partnership offers a unique educational programme called “Our Community” to young children in deprived regions of the country

The programme aims to help  young people to develop their entrepreneurship and leadership skills and to reach their full potential. Each year, Vivo Energy Mauritius employees can volunteer to help to develop and deliver the training programme, along with the teachers and JAM educators.

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