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Vivo Energy Botswana- Commercial Fuels

Vivo Energy Mauritius is the preferred fuels supplier for our business-to-business customers, with whom we share long-standing partnerships. We deliver over half of the island’s total energy requirements in the textile, transport, construction and manufacturing industries. With Shell’s world-leading portfolio of differentiated fuels, we offer our commercial customers innovative energy solutions that add value to their businesses, enhance the efficiency of their operations and reduce their environmental impact.

Vivo Energy Mauritius is fortunate to be able to draw upon Shell’s expertise as a global leader in fuels innovation and R&D, and on its constant, continuing focus on further enhancing fuels technology and developing more efficient and cleaner products.

Exclusively delivering Shell’s high-tech, differentiated products to our customers’ high-performance machines offers many diverse benefits, including improved engine performance and protection and reduced fuel consumption. The products themselves are approved by thousands of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across our product range. A number of local customers have signed testimonials outlining the proven benefits we have delivered to their businesses.

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