To succeed at Vivo Energy you need to take part, show initiative, make decisions and always look for ways to do things better. It’s not enough just to follow the job description and put in the hours. Anyone can do that.

We’re looking for people who think smarter, understand our vision and the wider commercial picture, and have an insatiable curiosity about the business. People who want to make a difference and have the energy, professionalism and drive to challenge convention, motivate others and achieve more.

There is no ceiling to success at Vivo Energy. If you can accept responsibility and accountability in equal measure, you will go as far as your ambitions and abilities take you. We are committed to developing and promoting local talent wherever possible. We are a business with deep roots in the local community and a strong desire to strengthen and develop those roots

If you are inspired by what we stand for, please get in touch.

Applying to Vivo Energy Uganda

To join Vivo Energy Uganda, send your CV to: [email protected]

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