Shell Gas

Shell Gas is a clean, efficient and affordable alternative source of energy to the Uganda population. Vivo Energy Uganda boasts a country-wide distribution network and large inland LPG storage facilities ensuring we continue to be a reliable LPG supplier in the country.

Vivo Energy Uganda delivers LPG through both cylinders for domestic use and bulk tankers for industrial purposes. The Vivo Energy LPG bottling plant in Kampala has a daily filling capacity of 20 tonnes and operates under strict compliance with Vivo Energy Depot Operating procedures to ensure that the product sold is safe, of the highest quality, and fit for use.

With our LPG offer, we meet the needs of large commercial customers for a safer, cleaner and more efficient alternative to the traditional fuels used for cooking and heating.Vivo Energy Uganda has, over the past few years, spearheaded efforts to educate the public on LPG use. This includes offering training on safe handling of the product for the benefit of customers as well as the general public. Our overall aim with these efforts is to promote LPG as a sustainable source of energy.

Vivo Energy Uganda continues to invest in LPG equipment, introducing new cylinders into the Ugandan market and increasing storage capacity at the Kampala plant, and thereby ensuring we are well-placed to continue meeting the country’s growing demand for LPG.

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