Flattening the curve together

Vivo Energy Kenya boosts Government initiative in curbing the spread of COVID-19

Vivo Energy Kenya, the company that distributes and markets Shell-branded fuels and lubricants in the country, has produced an additional 100,000 litres of hand sanitizers for the Government of Kenya. This brings the organization’s sanitizers production during the COVID-19 pandemic to 350,000 litres.

The Government, through the Ministry of Health, has continuously urged Kenyans to ensure they wash their hands with soap, and where they cannot, use sanitizers. The additional litres will go a long way in ensuring that more Kenyans get access to sanitizers.

In March 2020, Vivo Energy Kenya, in partnership with the Government of Kenya, produced 250,000 litres of sanitizers, which were distributed to Kenyans for free by Kenya Pipeline Company, using various arms of national and county government, and various community organizations to reach many people.

The new 100,000 litres were handed over to the Principal Secretary, State Department of Petroleum, Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, Mr. Andrew Kamau by Vivo Energy Kenya Managing Director, Mr. Peter Murungi.

PS, State Department of Petroleum and Mining, Mr. Andrew Kamau commended Vivo Energy Kenya for heeding to the call and agreeing to produce sanitizers. “Production of sanitizers was a collective effort between oil marketers and KPC. We are grateful that Vivo Energy Kenya, agreed to be part of this noble venture.”

He added, “What KPC and oil industry have done has shown that as a country we have the local ability to confront global problems like COVID-19.”

Managing Director Kenya Pipeline Company who was also in attendance, Dr. Macharia Irungu gave an emotional gratitude to Vivo Energy Kenya for making it possible for the poor and vulnerable Kenyans to access free hand sanitizers.

He further added, “Vivo Energy Kenya and Kenya Pipeline Company have built a relationship that goes beyond our traditional business links. This engagement has ensured that Kenyans are empowered to fight this global pandemic.”

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Mr. Murungi appreciated the government’s efforts towards flattening the curve and working towards reducing the infections. “Since the announcement of the first case of COVID-19 in Kenya, the government has put in place numerous measures to curb the spread of the disease. As an organization, we appreciate what the government is doing to keep Kenyans safe.”

He added, Vivo Energy Kenya is honoured to be one of the sanitizers producers, a commodity that will benefit thousands who may not be in a position to purchase it. “When Kenya Pipeline Company approached Vivo Energy Kenya with a request to produce sanitizer, which would be distributed to Kenyans for free by the government as one of its measures to curb COVID-19, we accepted the request and produced the first batch of 250,000 litres.”

“Vivo Energy Kenya has seen the need to increase the production by a further 100,000 litres, to enable our government to reach as many Kenyans as possible. We have seen what the government has been able to do and we are walking this journey with them as they endeavor to curb the spread of this virus.”

At Vivo Energy Kenya…. TUKO PAMOJA MILELE.

Vivo Energy Kenya produced the sanitizers at its state of the art lubricants blending plant in Shimanzi Mombasa. The company dedicated a production line for the production of this product. The sanitizers are packed in 500ml containers.

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