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Vivo Group
Vivo Energy Vision 

Vivo Energy’s vision is ‘To become the most respected energy business in Africa’. For us, this means doing business the right way and putting Health, Safety Security and Environment first.

Doing business the right way

At Vivo Energy, we don’t set ourselves demanding ethical standards out of a sense of altruism or because we lack ambition. We do the right thing because it’s the best way to succeed and grow the business.

The standards we apply and adhere to across Africa are the same high standards that apply in the world’s most tightly regulated downstream markets. We have zero tolerance for corruption, unsafe practices, environmental neglect or unfair competition.

Putting Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) first

For us this means:

  • Goal Zero: putting safety first.
  • Investing in the future – for the business and the communities and countries in which we operate.
  • Delivering value to our employees: empower, recognise and reward.
  • Caring for the environment, communities and people. Clear vision and swift decision-making.
We want our employees, customers and suppliers to be eager to work with us; we want to be a partner of choice for governments in terms of regulating and developing the industry; we want people to say ‘Vivo Energy is a great company’.

When a person says ‘I work at Vivo Energy’, it must resonate. In short, over time, we want to be recognised as Africa’s most respected energy business. Christian Chammas, CEO Vivo Energy
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