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Students and Recent Graduates at Vivo Energy
Vivo Energy is constantly looking to recruit the best students and graduates in the marketplace, and then to nurture and develop them with a view to helping them establish themselves as future leaders of the business.

We ensure that new recruits are provided with a working environment conducive to their career development goals and expectations. One of our main priorities is, therefore, to ensure they are developed and supported appropriately while they go about establishing themselves at Vivo Energy. This support includes regular evaluation and feedback on performance, and access to all the coaching, mentoring and personal development opportunities they need to take their careers to the next level.

Vivo Energy’s internship programme has become a key feature of the organisation’s talent attraction and recruitment (A&R) strategy. Its purpose is to help young graduates and new recruits lay the foundations for a successful career within Vivo Energy, maximising their chances of succeeding at the very highest level. 
This is in line with our strategy of not only attracting and recruiting the best graduates in the market, but retaining and developing them so that they may become management leaders at various levels of the organisation within a five-to-ten-year time frame.

To initiate the internship applications, we advertise in local newspapers and graduate-targeted publications, while also marketing Vivo Energy at university career fairs. We receive applications from many  young graduates each year, who, after, submitting their CVs, undergoing screening, and finally attending a formal interview, form part of a select group chosen to take up internship positions within Vivo Energy.
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